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Benefits of Social Media Management (SMM):

  • Revenue Generation: Social media serves as a dynamic sales platform, facilitating the seamless promotion and sale of your products and services.

  • Brand Awareness Acceleration: Elevate your business visibility swiftly. Social media not only acquaints your potential customers with your offerings but does so in a time-efficient manner. The best part? Creating a social media profile is not only impactful but also cost-free on most platforms.

  • Effective Communication Hub: In the digital age, robust communication is pivotal. Social media fosters collaboration, boosts productivity, and aligns teams towards shared objectives, showcasing the power of collective efforts.

  • Authentic Brand Representation: Authenticity is key. By sharing genuine insights into your product or service creation process, you build trust. Humanize your brand through behind-the-scenes stories, letting your audience connect with your journey.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Keep your customers captivated with strategic engagement. Utilize social media for events, interactive content, and exclusive offers. The versatility of social platforms allows for diverse engagement strategies tailored to your audience.

  • Lead Generation Excellence: Social media isn't just about interaction; it's a powerful lead generation tool. Seamlessly connect your shopping cart and payment gateway, transforming potential leads into direct sales. The organic lead generation potential is immense, with the added benefit of cost-effectiveness.

  • Valuable Customer Feedback: Social media provides a direct channel for authentic customer feedback. Harness the power of user opinions to refine your offerings and strengthen your brand.


What’s Included:

  • One-Month Content Package: Receive 12  professionally crafted posts, its mean 2 post weekly.

  • Striking Graphics: Our team designs 12 unique and visually appealing graphics, capturing the essence of your brand.

  • Compelling Content Creation: Leave the content creation to us. Our team crafts engaging and impactful content for all 12 posts.

  • Manual Posting for One Month: Human touch matters. We manually post your content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, avoiding automated tools to maintain account integrity.

  • Feedback Integration: We actively share critical feedback received on social media with you, fostering a collaborative approach to improvement.


What’s Not Included:

  • Video Creation and Editing: Video-related services, including creation and editing, are not covered in this package.
  • Community Engament: Community engagment like, Message, comment reply, audience approching etc not included in this plan.


Process of Social Media Management:

  • Service Selection: Choose the social media management service that aligns with your needs.

  • Cart Addition: Add the selected service to your cart for a seamless checkout experience.

  • Payment Process: Make the payment on website by given payment options and share the screenshot to our whatsapp number or email.

  • Team Discussion: Expect a prompt contact from our team for a detailed discussion about your requirements.

  • Graphics Approval: Following discussions, our team will create 12 graphics in one shot for your approval.

  • Content Approval and Posting: After your feedback and approval, the posts are finalized and ready for daily manual posting.

  • Mission Accomplished: Witness the results as your social media presence flourishes seamlessly. Voila! It’s done.

Social Media Management

₹11,999.00 Regular Price
₹9,999.00Sale Price
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